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A lighting retrofit is the easiest, most cost effective energy improvement to make in any building.  Lighting consumes approximately 35% of the total energy used by commercial buildings.  Approximately 50% of that is wasted due to poor design, poor maintenance, or inappropriate use.  A lighting upgrade provides an easy, quantifiable way to reduce costs while improving productivity and your work environment.

A typical retrofit pays for itself in utility savings in 2.2 years.  Let us show you how to further reduce the cost of your lighting improvements through the Duke Energy Smart$aver Incentive Program, which can cover up to 50% of the cost of new equipment.  For example, we had one client who replaced 177 old T12 fixtures that cost $22,250 to operate annually.  Installing new T8 fixtures created an annual utility savings of $8,074.  These savings alone would have paid for the system in 27 months.  The client was eligible for a $1,239 Duke rebate and $2,691 EPACT tax deduction, reducing the payback period for the system to 20 months.

Contact us for a free, comprehensive, no obligation energy assessment identifies cost savings opportunities from equipment upgrades and better building controls.  We will identify grants, tax credits, and financing possibilities to enable you to implement these efficiency improvements.  We will make recommendations about fixtures, new intelligent controls, and other management systems that will slash your utility bills.  

Steps you can take now to increase energy efficiency are:
>  turn off lights not in use
>  create a strategic maintenance plan for fixture cleaning and re-lamping
>  install motion detectors, dimmable ballasts, photo sensors, & other controls
>  install LED lights and exit signs
>  replace incandescents with compact fluorescents
>  replace T12 with T8 linear fluorescent lamps
>  calibrate lighting controls to design specs
>  consider alternative energy generation systems, such as solar


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